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CooCoo Smart Bot

A CooCoo Smart Bot can be your no.1 Sales Representative.
If the home page of your website is your shop front, then what do you have to sell your services or products?
Putting a salesperson that is ready to promote products, provide guidance or advice, or even capture leads, is the best way to increase your shopfronts profitability.
It does not matter what type of site you have, or what type of business you run, adding a CooCoo Smart Bot to your site will increase user interaction, keeping clients longer on your site...
It's no secret why the big businesses have chatbots on their sites... It Works, and now you can have your own CooCoo Smart Bot, and turn visitors into sales, and into leads.

CooCoo Smart Blog

The CooCoo Smart Blog is an A.I. Blog generator that can create a unique Blog post in under 3 minutes...
There is no need for expensive copywriters, no need to spend hours thinking of what to write, and no need to employ a copywriter or freelancer to create SEO optimised Blog Posts.
When Combining The CooCoo Smart Site and CooCoo Smart Bot, your website becomes a true asset, which can be optimised and managed in under 1 hour each month.
The CooCoo Smart Bot is only available for Joomla Websites and is bundled with The CooCoo Smart Site.
You can order more Smart Blog Posts, either per month or in a bulk bundle.